Helping hedgehogs

Anton Wright and Rebecca Willers

Most people profess a fondness for animals and I’m no exception. I regularly stop people on the street and ask to play with their dogs, or offer my services as a pet sitter. I’ve had my own furry companions, which have always been rescued animals and – whatever their troubles – are the best company…

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Why did you do it? (Guest post by Raphael Meade)

Raphael Meade

It’s July 2015 and I receive a call from a producer of Eden. Cut a long story short I hang up thinking it a prank call. ‘I ain’t got time for jokes.’ The following day, another call. This is serious! “You what? You want me to go away from my home and family for one…

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A new dawn


This is an updated version of a diary entry I wrote in Athens during September 2016, shortly after leaving Eden.  Greece is an amazing place! I felt comfortable and relaxed, but also inspired to think about which way to go next and what I might be able to do in future — looking back, I…

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My Eden after Eden

The Parthenon

This is an updated version of a diary entry I wrote in Athens during September 2016, shortly after leaving Eden.  I woke up in my new Eden, although this one had a comfortable bed and all the luxuries of modern living. After a delicious breakfast of cheese pie, I was whisked away to the barber…

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The curious experience of being recognised in public

View from an aircraft window

This is an updated version of a diary entry I wrote in September 2016, shortly after leaving Eden.  After leaving Eden, Raf and I were standing in the airport and utterly uncertain about how we had been received by viewers of the show. Then, someone walked over to Raf and said they thought he was amazing!…

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After Eden

Anton in shallow water

This is an updated version of a diary entry I wrote shortly after leaving Eden, on or around 3 September 2016.  In the aftermath of my departure from Eden, I think I was more in a state of bewilderment than shock. In terms of my state of mind, I went from being prepared and ready…

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Eden, exposed

Anton in Eden

I had no intention of blogging today. My time in Eden is over and it was other peoples experience to share now. But after watching last night’s episode…. Well, where do I start? It’s not exaggerating to say that I felt physically sick during the programme. I found myself shaking with anger, and my partner sat…

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The end of Eden

Anton and Raf illustration

I found it very hard to focus on writing this. My phone has been going all day and I feel completely overwhelmed by everything that has happened since my final appearance on Eden: Paradise Lost aired last night. Overwhelmed in a very positive way, because the support that Raph and I are receiving is unbelievable…

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Eden rules

Anton Wright

Last night’s Eden was intense viewing for everyone, including myself. Eden was a crazy experience that I’m proud to have been a part of, but the episode did make me question that pride. I’m active on social media and enjoy interacting with people so I was amazed, impressed and inspired by the conversation provoked by…

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The calm before the storm

Anton in a hammock

It’s a strange feeling I have at the moment, one of nerves mixed with excitement. Interest in Eden is rising with its apt new moniker Paradise Lost. It’s fair to say that my reception in the first four episodes was much better than I expected, but there is always the worry that it might not…

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