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The Boat, in April 2018

Paddling on

I still get recognised now and then but yesterday wasn’t fun for no other reason than I wasn’t looking great, but let’s be fair, that’s when I’m at my most recognisable! I’d been struggling with mechanical issues on the narrowboat, and I was covered in grease and sealant. My mood wasn’t exactly the greatest either,…
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Anton and Raf at the Lion's Den Comedy Club

Slow progress

I’ve got that dull, lethargic feeling that comes with a lack of motivation. I’m partway through a number of projects but nothing is near completion and I’m not seeing the positive side of things at the moment. I started to write a book a couple of months ago but the process dredges up memories that…
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In The Waterman pub

A surprise visit

It’s been a fairly lazy weekend, and I’ve been tinkering away on my latest little project, but hardly full-steam-ahead. As Sunday lunchtime came and went I found myself still in my dressing gown, binge-watching TV and feeding Dodo our (not so little) pigeon, who we found as a fledgling. Suddenly my phone announced that Raph…
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Anton and Jeremy Corbyn at Cambridge Station

Strangers on a train (platform)

It was another smart casual day today, Raph and I were in London for lunch and a meeting. I’ll be honest that I’d imagined a fancy slap-up steak lunch, but we ended in a health food restaurant where the food was mostly vegetarian and I didn’t know most of the ingredients! It was still pretty…
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Installing the rocket stove on the boat

On the river: The rocket stove

Well, the weekend has arrived quicker than expected, and in fact, time seems to be flying by at the moment. Today is a stark contrast to yesterday when I was in London with Raph, smart casual in jeans shirt and blazer I felt dapper as we walked the streets having fun and going to see…
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Raphael Meade

Who’s for who? (Guest post by Raph Meade)

I was gonna do this as a video blogg, but because my beauty has faded (feeling run down right now) I decided to spare you the pain of a dreadful sight. Flitting through the journal, date 28th March 2016. The entry is ‘who will pair up with whom?? Yes, just 5 days in and those…
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10 June 2016 Eden diary entry

Eden: 10 June 2016 — how the wheels came off

During Eden, from time to time I kept a diary. This is an entry from June 2010. As I lie here at 10 pm in my sleeping bag the night before a morning I am dreading, I question why and how I’ve got into this situation. Tomorrow, I am due to do the washing up…
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Anton presenting for Cambridge TV

A lifestyle pivot

In business speak they call it a pivot, a change of direction or focus for the business to keep it alive — I’m doing that in my personal life as well now. I spent seven very enjoyable years in my old job as a boatman, but after Eden, leaving early, hiding in Greece and eventual…
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Anton at Shepreth Wildlife Park

Hedgehog Day at Shepreth Wildlife Park — Anton and Raph, keepers for a day

  Hedgehog Day Hedgehog Day 2017 is the second time I’ve been asked to help out at Shepreth Wildlife Park. I’ve known the owners for years and even volunteered there in the past, but this time they approached me in my newly-found CELEBRITY status, what! I don’t see myself in that way, but to help…
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