"Anton isn’t like anyone else on the show. Anton isn’t like anyone at all."
The Guardian
19 July 2016

Anton Wright

Coach | Adventurer | Educator

I'm proud to have crossed the Atlantic by sail, and the Irish Sea by oar, and I constantly strive to plan original experiences. Alongside Mark de Rond I hold a Guinness World Record for the "First row of the navigable length of the Amazon River" in 2013.

Beaten men walk beaten paths. Let's find new ones, together.



Things I do

Speaking engagements

Anton speaking at CJBS

Drawing on many years of experience in coaching high performance teams including the rowers of Clare College, Cambridge—to bring out the very best in your team.

Breaking boundaries

Anton on the Amazon River

Driven by a restless desire to keep testing limits, Anton is always seeking to plan new challenges for himself and others, collaborating with a community of like-minded adventurers and social entrepreneurs.

Social enterprise

Anton coaching the boys for the Parkside Challenge

Projects to inspire the young to do extraordinary things, to test their own limits and challenge their own expectations of life's limitations.

Things I've done

2016: Channel 4's Eden

Anton in Eden

During 2016, Anton participated in the groundbreaking, year-long, Channel 4 reality TV show and social experiment, Eden.

He was described by the Guardian as "Eden's stand-out character".

2015: Parkside Challenge

Anton coaching the boys for the Parkside Challenge

Anton founded the Parkside Challenge, providing a life changing adventure experience for a group of school children—a project to inspire the young to do something extraordinary: Refurbishing the Amazon boat, and rowing the river Thames.

2013: Row the Amazon

Anton, rowing the Amazon

Anton and Mark de Rond received a Guinness World Record for being the first to row the entire navigable length of the Amazon, unsupported.

The story of the row unfolded at rowtheamazon.com